Commercial Portraits of Jane Labous

So this is a small post from a lovely commercial shoot I did this week of journalist Jane Labous. This article is not so much about the photographs that I took of her, more of an excuse to invite my readers to take a look at some of Jane’s work.

Infertility in Africa is perhaps not something we consider, it’s a somewhat taboo subject still today. But of course, this is an agonising issue that does not discriminate - and effects women in all areas. Religion and cultures can make the pain of being unable to conceive a child so much harder - the belief that infertility is a sign of weakness and can ostracise women from their husbands and families.

Janes documentary, Angels, includes films, essays, photography and audio, documenting how West African women and doctors are determined to shatter taboos around the subject of infertility, offering women opportunities for treatment and support. 
Do please take a look, it is beautifully filmed with sensitivity and light.

Read more on Jane’s documentary work here

Shot on location at  Little Red Roaster,  Dorset

Shot on location at Little Red Roaster, Dorset

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