New Year, New Work

2018 was full of variation. Some very welcome commercial photography commissions, all allowing me freedom to create and to work within and to be a part of defining a brand, a luxury that is very welcome.

In that wonderful summer that was, came a commission from a group of Shamanic healers - an unknown process for me but a mass of opportunity to show the symbolic methods of this ancient healing art. A shaman is a specific type of healer who often uses an alternate state of consciousness to enter the invisible world, which is made up of all unseen aspects of the world that affect us, including the spiritual, emoitonal, mental, mythical, archetypal, and dream worlds.
The object of the portraits were to give the groups followers, a visual understanding of their methods, utilising relevant props, dancing and connection as well as simplistic studies of each teacher alongside animated working photogaphs.

With special thanks to
Lisa Standerwick, Hair and styling
Gladys Paullus, Felt artist.

Bella WestComment